Photography Services

Showcase properties in their best light with a range of associated services for property experts. Real estate agents, developers, architects, designers and accommodation owners can increase their marketing reach with visuals that are compelling, consistent and high quality.

Select Galleries

Select from the galleries below you view relevant real estate photographs. Sample photographs are provided to demonstrate the quality of work you can expect with Behive’s real estate photography.

Real Estate Photography

Premium photography with fast 24hr turnaround time, uncapped photographs and more. With an Online Booking System for easy booking management.

Architectural Photography

Hotels, bed and breakfasts, offices, restuarants and more. All photographed to entice guests. Preferred lighting and detail photographs assist in visually describing the space.

Drone Photography

See your property from above. Views include site plan and points-of-interest with labels that can be branded to suit your company.

Portraiture Photography

Business potraits including both on-site studio and environmental for use on business websites and general marketing.

Fine Art Photography

Cinematic walkthroughs with optional voice over narration and agent introduction/conclusion. High quality capturing and video editing for the best results.