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Authentic & Stylised Imagery

Commercial architectural photography for architects, interior designers, builders and other property experts.

With Behive’s unique approach to architectural photography, clients can expect not just high quality images but also photographs that depict authentically the light and colour of space.

Architectural Photography


Show what it is like to really be there. Using advanced techniques, Behive creates photographs to truly reflect the mood of a place, all while preserving the natural exterior view and artificial lights. Use the slider below to see the difference. The slider shows two images, the darker one uses a high-end camera, the other using a combination of camera and post-processing techniques.


Using industry leading techniques Behive ensures that the colours that are present within the space, including furniture and so on are preserved. Some small amount of saturation in the final output occurs to increase interest, however, overall the photographs are colour accurate unlike real estate photography. See the difference below between what the camera captures and the calibrated version; most notable in the blue tones.

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