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Property Photography & Visual Media Brisbane & Sunshine Coast

Uncapped Photographs

Behive will photograph every room (excluding toilets/garages) up to four bedrooms in size. Properties over four bedrooms incur a $20 fee per bedroom.

24hr Turnaround

Photographs are delivered within 24hrs after the shoot. Shoots done on Friday are delivered on Monday.

Online Booking Portal

The Online Booking Portal gives you the ability to create new bookings or cancel and change existing ones. You will also receive confirmation emails and an ICS calendar file to update your calendar.

Premium Quality

Behive uses a unique process to create natural yet well illuminated photographs using a combination of software and class leading photographic equipment.

Behive's website is currently getting a fresh overhaul!

Behvie is current revamping it's website. Please come back soon to see the new site which will also include exclusive discount offers for visitors!